What adventures are available to play?

Did somebody said adventure? Here you can see what we have in store for a fun-filled night with family or friends. Do you want to step into the shoes of an investigator? We’ve got you covered. Do you want to retrieve unique historical relics? We’ve got that covered too. You choose, and we’ll take care of the rest!

“The Tomb of Alexander The Great”

Centuries ago, the tomb of Alexander the Great was lost to history. To be precise, it was during the 4th century AD when Christianity overshadowed paganism. However, new excavations in Alexandria, Egypt, have led researcher Sarah Levi to believe that this is more than just a mere legend and that the tomb might indeed be discovered.

A historical relic that, after years of being forgotten, could finally be discovered and reveal its true story, putting an end to all the mystery that surrounds it.

Now it’s up to you. If we don’t take action, Sarah could pay a high price for her research, and the history of humanity may remain unchanged, missing crucial revelations for uncovering future secrets. Immerse yourself in a thrilling 2-hour adventure with Escape Home Box, where you can unleash your investigative skills.

“The Killer of the Mask”

“The Murderer in the Mask can be played in more than 20 cities across the United Kingdom. In this adventure, you must catch a mass murderer who is spreading terror throughout the country and uncover his identity. This extremely dangerous criminal kills his victims and leaves the corpses near the landmarks of the most important cities in the country. He publishes the murders on the social networks and thus causes even more unrest in society.

This Escape Room game takes you through the city and you have to complete an exciting mission. With a duration of approx. 2 hours, you will have to use your sleuthing skills to find out who is behind the mask and to catch the murderer. For this, an app is available to accompany you and help you when needed.

Don’t miss this incredible adventure, available soon on our website.

“The Spear of Destiny”

The discovery of an ancient coded message between two collaborators of Nazi Germany suggests that “The Spear of Destiny”, with which the Romans took the life of Jesus Christ on the cross, is hidden in the wrong hands.

This relic, which according to legend gives divine powers to whoever possesses it, has been the object of desire of kings and world rulers for centuries, provoking battles and crusades to capture it.

Will you be able to follow the spear’s trail and find it so that it can be publicly displayed and the power that supposedly lies behind it analysed? You will begin an adventure through the exciting history of this legendary spear, taking you to places where the real Spear of Destiny was hidden.