Rotterdam becomes a real-life escape room


ESCAPE CITY BOX presents the first film to be experienced in first person

ESCAPE CITY BOX offers you the opportunity to be the protagonist of our film. Our escape city turns Rotterdam into the scenario of the games that we could find in an escape room but adding new twists and some more interesting features.

You will be able to live the whole experience of the game in the streets of Rotterdam where you will become the absolute protagonists of this mystery. So that you can enjoy both the story of the game and the environment in which it takes place.

The concept of the escape room consists of taking a group of players and locking them in a room so that by solving mental games and puzzles they manage to get out of it against the clock. The problem with this is that it has some limits such as the size of the room or the number of games that can be played, but if we break down all these limits we will have a much more fun and dynamic game.

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Discover “The Spear of Destiny” through the centre of Rotterdam

The discovery of an ancient coded message between two collaborators of the Nazi German government leads university researcher Sarah Levi to suspect that the Spear of Destiny, with which a Roman soldier took the life of Jesus Christ while he was on the cross, could be hidden somewhere in the centre of Rotterdam.

In this Urban Escape Room, you must help a young university professor in her search for one of the most important relics in history.

Do you dare to discover where the Holy Lance is?

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Catch “The Killer of the Mask” on the streets of Rotterdam

In this new Urban Escape Room you must catch the Killer of the Mask on the streets of Rotterdam. One of the most wanted and feared serial killers in the country is in town.

The police have been investigating the murders of one of the most terrible criminals in the city for weeks. 

Will you be able to find out who is behind the mask and stop him before he continues his murderous rampage?

“The Spear of Destiny” a two-hour Escape Room through the streets of Rotterdam.

Escape City Box presents the first film to be played on the streets of the city, a great urban escape room that will transform the streets of Rotterdam into the setting of a film to be played and experienced in first person. Mixing the dynamics of the Escape Room and the format of the traditional Gymkana, Escape City Box has created an epic game that will take you on an adventure through the streets of the city for approximately two hours.

In The Spear of Destiny, you must help Sarah Levi discover the exact location of this mythical religious relic that has been sought after for centuries throughout history.

Want to know even more about The Spear of Destiny?

The thrilling story of Rotterdam’s escape room: THE KILLER OF THE MASK
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The other film/game we propose is The Killer of the Mask. This time you will be immersed in a “cluedo” game where you will have to solve the disturbing murders that are leaving the city of Rotterdam in suspense. You must follow in the footsteps of a serial killer whose identity you must discover and stop him before he can continue to take more lives.

In this Escape City Box adventure, you become the detectives who capture the Killer of the Mask, a criminal who has been plaguing the Netherlands with his murders and now comes to town. The lifeless bodies of his victims always appear with a mask on in historical buildings or in the most visited places in order to cause a great commotion in the media and social networks.

Thanks to this investigation, you and your friends will be the protagonists of an exciting story in which you will discover some of the most curious stories of this great city.


Aplicación móvil para un escape city

Escape City Box will provide you with a mobile app available for Android and iPhone where you will have access to this story, videos, maps, games, clues, etc. Inside the box you will find instructions on how to play Escape City Box. It is very important not to open the envelopes that are included in the box until you are instructed to do so by the game. Opening them before the game could ruin the game. The mobile app will guide you through the city to discover the mysteries of the game and solve it. In addition, during the game you will find objects that will help you solve the quizzes and understand the story. 

Inside the app you will have clues in case you get stuck, a logbook where you can find all the information about what has happened so far and watch the previous videos and a backpack with all the objects you have found. 

Escape City Box offers you the opportunity to enjoy different cities and escape games in a totally new way in which the limits have evaporated to increase the fun. If you get together several people you can form teams and compete against each other to see who can solve all the games we have prepared for you first.


You can compete too!

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