Nijmegen becomes the biggest Urban Escape Room

The first Real Life Game Movie arrives in Nijmegen

Nijmegen has a lot of attractions that make it an interesting city, but if we add some excitement to that interest, we will increase its attraction. At Escape City Box we wanted to make Nijmegen an outdoor escape room so that the fun that the city has to offer can be multiplied and we can get to know it in a new way never seen before.

The concept of the escape room consists of taking a group of players and locking them in a room or several interconnected spaces so that, by solving mental games and puzzles, they manage to get out before the countdown ends. Every escape game has certain limits, either in terms of space due to the size of the room or the number of games that can be played.

However, with Escape City Box, all these limits have been broken down while keeping the spirit of the classic escape games intact, giving rise to a much more fun and dynamic experience, turning the city of Nijmegen into the setting for this innovative escape.

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“The Spear of Destiny” is hidden in Nijmegen

The discovery of a cipher telegram sent between two retired Nazi German government collaborators in Nijmegen during the 1980s has led young university researcher Sarah Levi to suspect that the Spear of Destiny may be hidden somewhere in the centre of Nijmegen.

This religious relic is one of the most sought-after and coveted mystical objects in history.

Will you be able to discover the whereabouts of the Holy Spear and help historian Levi?

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Catch “The Killer of the Mask” through the centre of Nijmegen

Catch the Killer of the Mask in the streets of Nijmegen city centre. The first escape room that is played as a first person movie where you are the protagonist of this police thriller.

For weeks the Nijmegen police have been on the trail of a serial killer who is terrorising the streets of the city. His victims are recorded during the murder and these recordings are uploaded to his social networks, creating a greater media impact used by the killer to publicise himself in an exercise of exacerbated narcissism.

You must catch the killer and reveal the identity behind the mask.

“The Spear of Destiny” an epic adventure to experience in the streets of Nijmegen

The streets of Nijmegen are transformed into a great urban escape room. This new version of the traditional Escape Room goes beyond the four walls and jumps to the city, which becomes the stage for a great gymkhana film in which the players are the undisputed protagonists. 

Escape City Box has created the first film to be played on the streets of the city. Through a mobile app available on both iOS and Android, players will be guided through the city where they will have to overcome a series of puzzles and tests to recover the Spear of Destiny, the weapon that a Roman soldier stuck in Christ’s side when he was dying on the cross.

In this epic adventure, you must help investigate the exact location of one of the most important holy relics in history. 

If you want to learn more about the history of the Spear and help historian Sarah Levi recover it, don’t miss the video below:

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Escape City Box brings The Killer of the Mask, a cluedo-like game in which you will have to imprison a serial killer who leaves the bodies of his victims in some of the most important places of this wonderful city.

The press has dubbed our criminal The Killer of the Mask, who has been going around several cities in the Netherlands repeating the same way of acting: he cruelly murders his victims and then abandons their corpse with a mask in one of the busiest and most touristic places of the city.

In Nijmegen, this modus operandi has been repeated again to get as much media and social media attention as possible.

You will have to catch the Killer of the Mask and solve the clues you find along the way to stop this crime spree.


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Escape City Box will provide you with a mobile app available for Android and iPhone where you will have access to this story, videos, maps, games, clues, etc. In addition, you will also have a box full of physical elements such as reports, photos, letters, etc. that will make everything seem much more real. Combining the physical and virtual elements, you will have everything you need to become real detectives.

Escape City Box will give you the opportunity to get to know and experience Nijmegen and escape games in a totally new way where boundaries have evaporated to increase the fun. The maximum number of participants per team is four, but if that number is exceeded, you will have the option to form several teams and find out which of you is the best detective. In this way, the adrenaline rush is guaranteed by knowing which group will manage to arrest the first to complete our mission.


You can compete too!

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