The Urban Escape Room that’s being played in Amsterdam

Amsterdam becomes the setting for an escape game through the streets of the city.

If you like riddles and puzzles, solving mysteries and you are in Amsterdam you are in luck. The whole city is going to become an Escape Room that will put your deductive skills to the test. As I’m sure many of you already know, traditional escape games consist of locking yourself in a room from which you have to escape against the clock by solving different enigmas. Now, Escape City Box presents you with an Escape Room the size of Amsterdam.

The city becomes the setting for a new concept, Urban Escape, where the whole city will be like a gigantic room in which you will have to overcome the challenges posed to you by investigating the streets of the city.

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“The Spear of Destiny” is available in Amsterdam.

The discovery of several messages between two Nazi German government collaborators raises suspicions that the Spear of Destiny may be hidden in Amsterdam.

This religious relic, which has been missing for centuries, has been revered and desired by numerous leaders throughout history. It is believed to have a divine power that grants victory on the battlefield to all who possess it, but it is also said to be cursed.

In this new Escape City Box adventure, you must help Sarah Levi, a university professor who has been studying the spear for years, recover this religious relic and deposit it in a museum so that it can be studied.

Are you ready to retrieve the Spear of Destiny through the streets of Amsterdam?

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“Killer of the Mask” haunts Amsterdam’s streets

For several weeks now, a serial killer has been terrorising the city of Amsterdam. You have to be quick and catch the Killer of the Mask, before he keeps on killing.

His modus operandi is always the same, kidnapping and killing young people in Amsterdam and then depositing their mask-wearing corpse somewhere iconic in the city. In addition, he broadcasts the murders on social networks, which is causing greater nervousness among the population.

The Killer of the Mask is the first escape room to be played and experienced first-hand on the streets of Amsterdam.

Do you dare to catch the Killer of the Mask before it’s too late?

The Spear of Destiny: an Escape Room to enjoy through the streets of Amsterdam

The Spear of Destiny is an Urban Escape Room that is played in the streets of 9 cities and arrives in Amsterdam for the first time to enjoy and interact with the streets of the capital.

The Escape City Box contains everything you need to enjoy this adventure full of mysteries that will take you through centuries of history. Inside the box you will find the envelopes with physical material to use in this game that lasts approximately two hours. In addition, you will have to activate the game in our mobile application available for both iOS and Android which will guide you throughout the game. Through videos, maps, augmented reality and a series of tests, you will have to interact with the city of Amsterdam, with the physical material of the box and with the videos that you will see in the app to solve the mystery of the disappearance of one of the most sought-after relics in history, on a par with the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant.

Don’t think twice and dare to enjoy a unique and different Urban Escape Room through the streets and squares of Amsterdam.

The Killer of the Mask transforms Amsterdam into a great urban escape.

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The games that you might find in a traditional escapism game are moved to the streets of Amsterdam so that you can experience solving them in a different way.The Killer of the Mask” makes Amsterdam his new crime scene.

This is a “cluedo” type game in which you will lead the investigation trying to stop a serial killer who is stalking the city.

Our Killer of the Mask is a criminal who has already terrorised several cities in the Netherlands until he arrives in Amsterdam. In this game you will have to become detectives who finally catch this criminal before he claims another victim and leaves his lifeless body on a monument in the city.

In addition, within the game app, you will be able to find clues that will help you solve this exciting case.

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Both you and your friends will enjoy the experience of the game through the streets of Amsterdam, becoming the absolute protagonists of this investigation as if it were a mystery film. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy this exciting story and the environment in which it takes place, as, in addition to the clues and games, you will be able to enjoy the most emblematic monuments and places of this incredible city.

To experience this story, we will provide you with both a mobile app and physical elements that you will find inside the Escape City Box (photos, clues, cards, etc.). Inside the app you will find videos, maps, games and clues.

With Escape City Box you have the opportunity to get to know and experience Amsterdam and escape games in a whole new way, where the boundaries have been flipped to increase the fun. Your investigation team can have up to a maximum of four people, which is the maximum number of players we recommend per box. If you have more friends, you can divide yourselves into several teams and compete against each other to see which team can solve the mysteries we propose first.

Como jugar escape city box
Como jugar escape city box
Como jugar escape city box
Como jugar escape city box

You can compete too!

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