Southampton presents the first Urban Escape to play like a movie

The largest Escape Room in the county of Hampshire is Southampton.

ESCAPE CITY BOX presents in Southampton the latest evolution in escape room games. A film that will make your experience in the city unique and exclusive. You will be able to combine the charms of this wonderful city with the development of the first escape room game without spatial limits. At Escape City Box we have turned Southampton into an outdoor escape room to make everything the city has to offer even more exciting and fun.

An escape room was a game in which a group of people are locked in a room from which they can only escape after solving a series of puzzles and enigmas, before the agreed time is up. Escape city box revolutionises the concept of escape room, breaking barriers and creating a scenario that is spread throughout the city. The great thing about turning Southampton into an outdoor escape room is that we don’t have to worry about boundaries which makes the game even more fun and dynamic. All this while keeping the leitmotif of escape room games intact: brain teasers, logic and puzzles.

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“The Spear of Destiny” hides in Southampton

New clues place the Spear of Destiny in Southampton. Research by the prestigious historian, Sarah Levi, leads us to believe that the Holy Lance with which a Roman soldier pierced Christ’s side could be hidden somewhere in the centre of Southampton.

This religious relic has been the object of desire throughout history by great figures such as Charlemagne and Hitler, among others,

Are you able to solve the mysteries hidden behind the Spear of Destiny?

Set off in search of “The Tomb of Alexander the Great” by Southampton

Our favourite investigator, Professor Sarah Levi, finds herself immersed in a new adventure with historical overtones that will take her on the trail of Soma, the tomb of the Macedonian conqueror Alexander the Great.

Together with the incombustible Bosco, you will form the team that will help Sarah to find the place where the remains of the great conqueror rest, despite the powers that be who want to prevent her from doing so.

Don’t miss out on the new Escape City Box film adventure through the streets of Southampton. An opportunity to enjoy the city at the same time as you experience a thrilling story.

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Catch “The Killer of the Mask” on the streets of Southampton

For weeks the police have been on the trail of a mysterious serial killer who is terrorising the city. Now you must help police investigators discover the identity of the killer and stop him in his tracks.

Enjoy Escape City Box ‘s new urban escape in which a serial killer in a Venetian cape and mask kills young people and, in turn, spreads videos of the murders while appearing to profit from his involvement in a shady snuff film distribution scheme. You must stop this crime spree before it is too late.

Are you ready to unmask the most wanted serial killer in Southampton’s history?

Southampton: scene of the bloodthirsty crimes of “The Killer of the Mask”.
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Southampton thus becomes the setting for an ESCAPE CITY BOX, a modern evolution of the typical escape room. This escape city transforms the city into the set of a film where the games of an escape room will take place but with the addition of new and interesting features. Our game is called The Killer of the Mask and is a “cluedo” type game in which you will have to catch a serial killer who leaves the bodies of his unfortunate victims in some of the most important and significant places in the city.

The media have dubbed our psychopath the Killer of the Mask, who has been going around several cities in Britain repeating his method: he executes his victim and leaves his corpse with a mask next to a tourist or historical site. In Southamtpon he has done it again to get all the press and social media spotlight on him.

You will have to solve the mystery behind this killer to stop the number of victims; focus on capturing the Killer of the Mask by solving the clues you find in order to stop this macabre crime spree, but in the meantime, find out as much as you can about the city of Southampton.

You will be able to live the whole experience of the game on the streets of Southampton as you and your friends become the absolute protagonists of the game. In order for you to enjoy the story of the game, as well as the environment in which it takes place, you will have information, curiosities and stories about some of the most emblematic monuments.

Do you want to know more about the most wanted criminal? Don’t miss the following video:

“The Spear of Destiny” an epic Escape Room through the streets of Southampton

The Spear of Destiny is an adventure in which you will become the first person protagonists of a film. Through a mobile app available on both Apple and Android devices, you will be presented with a series of enigmas and riddles that you will have to solve through the streets of Southampton, and the app will also show you videos about the story, where you will discover more details about this adventure. But not everything is digital, the Escape City Box contains material that will help you to complete the mission and that you will only have to use when the mobile application itself tells you to do so.

Escape City Box presents the first urban escape room that is played through the streets of Southampton as if it were a movie. A new concept of leisure that combines the dynamics of traditional gymkhanas with the enigmas and tests of the Escape Room.

If you want to know more about the adventure of The Spear of Destiny, don’t miss the following video:


Escape City Box is a new concept of fun, where escape games are mixed with the added incentive of a movie experience to live it in first person. On the one hand, it still has the typical escape games such as mind games, riddles and all kinds of enigmas that you must decipher, and on the other hand, it goes from having a closed room as a stage to a completely open space with no limits. All you have to do is download our app onto your mobile device and start enjoying this revolutionary escape game through the streets of Southampton.

Professor Sarah Levi has found clues that could lead us to nothing less than the tomb of the great conqueror. However, there is no media that dares to publish these findings due to all the mystery surrounding this event. In this game you will embark on an adventure against the clock to discover the location of the body and help Sarah to bring it to a dignified resting place in your city. Without you, this mission will not be possible and Sarah needs the best team possible to support her.

Players, we are counting on you!


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