Sheffield’s largest Escape Room

A Urban Escape film to play on the streets of Sheffield

When we think of Sheffield, the Peak District comes to mind, or names of great music groups like Def Leppard or Arctic Monkeys, but this city has much more to offer us, although in most cases the options offered to discover them are always very similar to each other and the experience is almost something manufactured. That’s why at Escape City Box we suggest you experience Sheffield as a great outdoor escape room.

One of the limitations of traditional escape rooms is space, which is limited to the walls of the room in which they take place and which conditions the game. Fortunately, however, we have arrived to revolutionise escape games: An urban escape is like an outdoor escape game, which still mantains the games, puzzles and the driving story, but gets rid of the limitations of space, making the experience much more exciting by turning the city of Sheffiled and its streets into the setting for an escape game.

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“The Spear of the Destiny”

The discovery of an ancient coded message between two collaborators of the Nazi German government leads the prestigious university professor Sarah Levi to suspect that the Spear of Destiny could be hidden somewhere in the centre of Sheffield.

This religious relic, which according to legend gives divine powers to those who possess it, has always been the object of worship and veneration by some of the most important leaders in history, such as Hitler and Charlemagne.

Are you ready to discover the secrets of the mythical Spear of Destiny and recover it before it is too late?

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“The tomb of Alexander the Great”

The new Escape City Box movie adventure comes to Sheffield with Sarah Levi as the protagonist once again. This time, she will have to follow a clue that could lead her to find the missing tomb of Alexander the Great.

To help her in this mission she counts on the incombustible Bosco, but also on your collaboration to find out where the famous conqueror is really buried and bring him back to glory.

Are you looking for the best way to explore Segovia and discover the wonders of the city while having fun at the same time? We are counting on you, team.

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“The Killer of the Mask”

Catch the Killer of the Mask on the streets of Sheffield. A film adventure in which you will become private detectives for approximately two hours. The first escape room to be played in the city of Sheffield.

For weeks, the Sheffield police have been on the trail of one of the most wanted serial killers in the history of the country. You must help the criminologists find out who is behind the mask in order to stop the dreaded killer before it is too late.

Are you ready to catch the most wanted serial killer?

Catch “The Killer of the Mask ” ON THE STREETS OF SHEFFIELD
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The games you might find in a traditional escape room are brought to the streets of Sheffield, with the city becoming the setting for “The Killer of the Mask”. This Escape City Box adventure is a clue-like game. Your objective is to find him before he attacks his next victim and manages to escape from the city, as he has done before.

Our protagonist, The Killer of the Mask, is a vengeful serial criminal who only wants to attract the attention of the media and social networks by leaving the bodies of his victims in a mask in the most visited places in Sheffield. The killer has managed to escape from other cities after committing his crimes and now you have the chance to stop him for good.

Do you want to know more about the most wanted criminal? Don’t miss the video below:


Urban escape rooms have become a new form of leisure. Combining the logic tests of escape rooms and using other elements more typical of traditional games such as gymkhanas, Escape City Box has created the first film that is played and experienced in first person through the streets of Sheffiled. Using a mobile app, you will discover the mysteries of The Spear of Destiny through the streets of Sheffiled. The application itself will guide you through maps and videos that will be the common thread of an adventure plot. In addition, you will have to interact with the materials found inside the Escape City Box. An epic two-hour adventure that will lead you to discover hidden corners of the city.

Professor Sarah Levi has spent years investigating the whereabouts of the mythical Spear of Destiny. Now, after much effort and study, she has discovered the telegram sent in the 1980s between two collaborators of the Nazi German government, in which they talk about the Spear and its possible location somewhere hidden in the centre of Sheffield. You must help Sarah discover where this sacred object is and get it to safety before it is too late.

If you want to know more about the Spear and its history, you can’t miss the following video:

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Sheffiled hides a mystery. Sarah Levi has discovered a clue that will uncover a plot that will require absolute discretion. If we do not solve this case we will lose any chance of answering one of the oldest questions in our history. Together with Bosco, your faithful collaborator, and Sarah herself, the time has come to uncover the whereabouts of the great conqueror and finally give him the eternal rest he deserves, thus closing one of the most important chapters in the history of mankind.

The Tomb of Alexander the Great is an urban escape room that promises to transform the streets of Sheffiled into the setting of a film in which you will be the protagonists. An epic game in which you will be guided by a mobile app and the material found inside the Escape City Box to discover and decipher the enigmas that will be proposed to you throughout the story.

What are you waiting for to live a unique adventure? If you want to know more details about the mission, don’t miss the video below:


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