Oxford is a city with many charms and attractions that make it one of the most interesting cities to visit. For this reason, finding a new and different way to experience the city is not always an easy task. However, Escape city Box has hit the nail on the head; turn the whole city into one big escape game.

This is an open-air escape room, which takes you through an itinerary of great historical interest and with many curiosities to discover about the city, while you solve different plots in which you will have to act as real detectives.

The spatial constraints of traditional escape rooms are thus shattered, allowing for an offering that retains the spirit of these escape games, but provides a much more interactive and dynamic experience. It transforms the city of Oxford itself into the vast stage of a much broader and enjoyable story.

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“The Spear of Destiny” hides in Oxford

The esteemed university researcher, Sarah Levi, appears to have uncovered the crucial clues leading to the discovery of the Spear of Destiny. After extensive years of research and decoding an ancient encrypted message exchanged between two collaborators of the Nazi German government, Sarah Levi has reached the conclusion that this sacred relic might be concealed within the subterranean depths of central Oxford.

“In this new adventure of Escape City Box, you must assist Sarah in retrieving and safeguarding one of the most sought-after mystical objects throughout history.”

Are you ready to uncover the mysteries of the Spear of Destiny?

Escape city room Barcelona

“The Tomb of Alexander the Great”

Oxford harbors one of the greatest secrets in our history.

Our sources inform us that the renowned researcher Sarah Levi has found evidence of the possible existence of Macedonian settlements in the city.

This is not a simple escape room, we are talking about a historic find that will change textbooks forever.

Sarah needs you. Without your involvement, her security is at risk, and this mission demands the utmost level of discretion.

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Hunt down “The Killer of the Mask” throughout Oxford

Capture the Masked Assassin on the streets of Oxford. An escape room game played through the streets, where you become the protagonists of a first-person movie.

The English police have been tirelessly pursuing one of the most dreaded serial killers for weeks, seeking the assistance of the most adept investigators. Embark on the role of a seasoned team of criminologists specializing in serial crimes, delving into the enigmatic clues left by the killer in Oxford. Your mission: to apprehend them before they can unleash another act of violence.

Are you ready to unveil and capture The Killer of the Mask?

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“Three things there are in Oxford…” and now there’s an additional attraction to enhance its tourist appeal. With “The Killer of the Mask”, the escape game that we offer at Escape City Box, you can traverse some of the city’s most renowned locations in an entirely unique manner. This is a Cluedo-style game where your mission is to apprehend a serial killer before he continues his spree of murders. To accomplish this, you’ll need to solve the riddles and puzzles we present before time runs out and he escapes once again.

Escape City Box provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in a cinematic narrative where the Historic Centre and the University Colleges will assume a completely new significance for you and your friends. You’ll also discover intriguing facts about the city. The ultimate objective of this game is to capture our serial killer before he strikes again. He has been leaving the bodies of his victims at some of Oxford’s most iconic locations, causing a significant stir in the press and on social networks.

You’ll visit places such as the Carfax Tower, which offers breathtaking views over the city, and the historic Covered Market, known for its excellent shopping opportunities. You might even uncover clues at the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, a historic site with a beautifully adorned tower that provides stunning views of the city and the surrounding countryside.

A blockbuster-style Escape Room to track down the mythical Spear of Destiny through the streets of Oxford.

Escape City Box presents the first urban escape room played through the streets of Oxford via a mobile app that will guide you with maps and videos to successfully complete your mission. Additionally, you’ll need to interact not only with the city’s monumental heritage but also with the physical materials included inside the Escape City Box. This two-hour movie-like adventure will take you to discover some of the most secret and hidden corners of the city.

After deciphering a telegram from the 1980s sent by a collaborator of the Nazi German government to a retired colleague in Galicia, the prestigious historian Sarah Levi has concluded that the Spear of Destiny could be hidden somewhere beneath the streets of Oxford. You’ll need to help Sarah uncover the whereabouts of the Holy Spear before it falls into the hands of one of the many secret groups eager to seize this religious relic believed to possess mystical powers.

If you want to learn more about the Spear of Destiny and its thrilling history, don’t miss the following video:

Oxford transforms into a cinematic escape room where you’ll discover the location of Alexander the Great’s tomb.
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The distinguished professor Sarah Levy has uncovered a crucial lead regarding the whereabouts of Alexander the Great’s lost tomb in Oxford. Despite the belief that both the body and tomb were lost to history, shrouded in a dark legend, we can finally shed light on centuries of obscurity. Now is the time to take action to unravel this mystery.

Urban escape rooms represent an evolution of the renowned Escape Room concept, blending dynamics from other traditional games such as scavenger hunts. Escape City Box has crafted a logic game where players become the protagonists of a movie, thus creating the first film experienced in first-person through the streets of the city. An adventure unfolds via a mobile application available on both iOS and Android, through which you will watch videos revealing a storyline that leads you to the heart of Oxford to uncover one of the oldest lost relics in the history of our society.

If you’re keen on learning more about the lost tomb of the great conqueror, don’t miss the following video:

How to play ESCAPE CITY BOX Oxford Edition?

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