Nottingham, the urban escape room without walls

The first escape room to play on the streets of Nottingham

A new concept of leisure comes to Nottingham. ESCAPE CITY BOX presents the first Urban Escape Room that is played through the streets of the city as if it were a film that is experienced in first person. An immersive experience that will turn you into the protagonists of a film adventure. Through our mobile app available on both iOS and Android devices, you will have to decipher the mysteries that we propose in any of the missions available in Nottingham. In addition, inside the box, you will find all the necessary materials to develop the game and that will serve as clues during your investigation.

A different way to enjoy the city and get to know its hidden corners, through a thrilling adventure through the streets of Nottingham. A perfect activity to do with a group of friends, as a couple or as a family.

La lanza del destino Elche

“The Spear of the Destiny”

The renowned university professor Sarah Levi has discovered a message between two Nazi Germany collaborators who were in retirement in Nottingham during the 1980s. The document mentions Nottingham as a possible hiding place for the Spear of Destiny.

This religious relic, which according to legend gives divine powers to those who possess it, has been coveted for centuries by armies and rulers who have longed to possess its power. From Charlemagne to Hitler, many have claimed to have possessed the relic during their lives. Now you have the opportunity to help Sarah so that the Spear can be studied and kept in a museum.

Will you be able to discover the exact location of the Holy Lance through the streets of Nottingham and get it to safety before it’s too late?

El Asesino de la máscara Elche

“The Tomb of Alexander the Great”

Leading professor Sarah Levy has discovered a crucial clue to the whereabouts of the lost tomb of Alexander the Great in Alexandria.

Although the body and the tomb were believed to have disappeared, as well as a black legend, we can finally shed light on so many centuries of darkness. Now is the time to act to solve this mystery.

With the help of your most trusted informants, Bosco and Professor Levi, you must set out on this quest to find “The Soma” and recover Alexander’s body.

Ready to go on an adventure with Sarah Levy?

El Asesino de la máscara Elche

“The Killer of the Mask”

Catch the Masked Killer through the streets of Nottingham in a police-style adventure in what is the first escape room to be played on the streets of the city as if it were a movie.

For weeks now, a serial killer has been terrorising the city, the police are on the trail of a criminal who kills his victims and broadcasts the atrocities via the victims’ mobile phones on social networks. You must catch the most wanted serial killer in the history of the country and unmask him before he kills again.

Are you ready to catch the Masked Killer and discover his identity?

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The Killer of the Mask is an Urban Escape Room played through the streets of Nottingham. In this police adventure, you must catch a serial killer who is terrorising the town of Nottingham. He always repeats the same modus operandi in order to gain as much media and social media attention as possible, he first broadcasts the murders on the victims’ social networks and then leaves the lifeless body somewhere emblematic in the city. You will have to hunt down the murderer, and to do so you will have to rediscover the most emblematic places in the city through our mobile application, which will offer you the most relevant information about everything you come across.

You will have to become a criminal detective for a couple of hours and discover who is hiding behind the mask of one of the most wanted serial killers in the history of the country. Through the Escape City Box app you will be able to solve the mysteries and enigmas that the Killer will leave you along the way. In addition, inside the box, you will find physical materials (photographs, letters, police reports, etc.) that you must interact with in order to complete your mission.

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La Lanza del Destino

Urban escape rooms are the evolution of the famous Escape Room combining dynamics of other traditional games such as gymkana. Escape City Box has created a logic game in which players become the protagonists of a movie, creating the first movie to be played in the first person on the streets of the city. An adventure that is lived through a mobile application available on iOs and Android, through which you will be watching the videos of a plot that will take you to the Templar Crusades and the Second World War. Also, you will have to interact with the materials included in the envelopes inside the Escape City Box, where you will find maps, telegrams, objects and other elements that will help you to complete your mission.

In The Spear of Destiny, you must help a young university historian discover the exact location of the sacred spear with which a Roman soldier pierced Christ’s side as he lay dying on the cross on Mount Golgotha in Jerusalem. Communications from the 1980s between two collaborators in Nazi Germany, placed the religious relic somewhere underground in Nottingham. You will have to help the university historian, Sarah Levi, recover the spear and put it safely at the museum so that it can be studied and protected from secret groups that want to get their hands on the relic.

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Große<br />

Nottingham hides one of the greatest secrets of our history. Our sources inform us that the renowned researcher Sarah Levi has found evidence of the possible existence of Macedonian settlements in the city. This is not a simple escape room, we are talking about a historic find that will change textbooks forever.

Escape City Box presents the first urban escape room to be played in the streets of Nottingham through a mobile app that will guide you using maps and videos so that you can complete your mission successfully. Also you will have to interact not just with the city’s monumental heritagebut also with the physical materials included inside the Escape City Box. A two-hour film adventure that will take you to some of the most secret and hidden corners of the capital.

If you want to know even more about the history of this great archaeological mystery, you can watch the following video:


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