“The first real life game movie” to solve throught the streets of the city

Manchester becomes a movie set, your movie set. ESCAPE CITY BOX presents a city escape that can be played in first person.

Escape City Box has mixed the concept of the escape room and fused it with the spirit of the movies by taking the game to the streets, this time the mission will not take place within four walls but all over the city of Manchester.

In both cases, the game is presented in a box format in which you will find documents and clues to help you solve some of the puzzles that will be proposed throughout the game. All of this is supported by a mobile app that will guide you through the game and where you will be able to watch the videos of the film that you will unlock throughout your adventure.

Escape city room Barcelona

“The Spear of the Destiny”

The discovery of an ancient coded message between two collaborators in Nazi Germany raises suspicions that the Spear of Destiny, with which the Romans took the life of Jesus Christ on the cross, is hidden in Manchester.

This religious relic, which according to legend gives divine powers to those who possess it, has been the object of desire of different world leaders for centuries, provoking battles and crusades to get hold of it.

Will you be able to track it down and locate it so that its power can be exposed and analyzed? You will embark on an adventure through the exciting history of this legendary spear, which will take you to places where the real Spear of Destiny was hidden.

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Manchester hides “The Tomb of Alexander the Great”

Yes, you have read that correctly. Alexander the Great’s tomb could be hidden in Manchester.

Professor Sarah Levi has found clues in Barcelona that could lead us to nothing less than the tomb of the great conqueror. However, there is no media that dares to publish these findings due to all the mystery surrounding this event.

We need you! Without you Sarah will not be able to solve this mystery. Help us to find the tomb of Alexander the Great and finally uncover the reality surrounding this dark mystery of our past and give the great emperor his well-deserved rest.

Juegos escapismo Barcelona

“The Killer of the Mask” in Manchester

Catch the Killer of the Mask through the streets of Manchester. The first escape room to play it and experience it first-hand through the streets is coming to the city.

A serial killer is terrorizing the English capital by killing his victims and posting the images of the murders on social media.

You must catch him and reveal his identity before he continues killing. A fast-paced adventure lasting approximately two hours in which you will have to use your wits and mental skills to hunt down this dangerous criminal.

“The Spear of Destiny” an Escape Room through the city of Manchester lasting about 2 hours.

The Spear of Destiny is a thrilling story that will take you through the centuries to discover the whereabouts of one of the most important religious relics of antiquity.

You must help young investigator Sarah Levi uncover the mysteries of the spear through the streets of Manchester. A different way of getting to know the hidden corners of the city.

The Spear of Destiny game lasts approximately two hours, during which you will have to investigate helping yourselves with the material included in the Escape City Box. The videos included in the app will help you learn more about the history of the spear. In addition, you must interact with your environment to discover what secrets the city of Manchester hides and where the spear was hidden.

A group of Nazis brought the Spear of Destiny to Manchester after World War II and hid it somewhere in the city that is still unknown. Will you be able to discover where this relic is hidden?

Catch “The Killer of the Mask” in an Escape Room that will take you through the streets of Manchester city centre.
Escape room city en Barcelona

The other film/game we bring you is The Killer of the Mask This time you will be immersed in a “cluedo” game where you will have to solve the disturbing murders that are leaving the city of Manchester in suspense. You will have to follow in the footsteps of a serial killer whose identity you must reveal and also stop him before he continues to take more lives.

Thanks to this investigation, you and your friends will be the protagonists of an exciting story in which you will be able to discover some of the most curious stories of this great city.

In this Escape City Box adventure, you become the detectives who capture the Killer of the Mask, a criminal who has been plaguing the UK with his murders and now comes to this city. The lifeless bodies of his victims always appear with a mask on historical buildings or in the most visited places in order to cause a big commotion in the media and social networks.

Do you want to know more about the most wanted criminals? Do not miss the following videos:


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