Leeds’s Largest Escape Room Adventure

A movie being played throughout the city of Leeds

There is much more to do in Leeds than enjoy its landscapes or gastronomy; one of them is the one that we propose to you from Escape City Box: to live an exciting and enriching adventure, one that travels and takes place through the streets, squares and walks of the beautiful city.

ESCAPE CITY BOX brings you a chance to feel Leedsfrom a completely new and original perspective, making the leap to the new generation of escape games 2.0; where technology, connectivity and mobility are the transversal axis on which this innovative project revolves.

Traditional escape rooms have been revolutionized with escape cities, escape games that eliminate the spatial limitations of a room but retain all the fun that an ordinary escape room offers. We’ve turned upside-down Leeds so you can enjoy some of the best things this city has to offer and a rich history.

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“The Spear of Destiny” Leeds’s most epic adventures

Comes to Leeds, The Spear of Destiny, an epic adventure about the Holy Spear with which the side of Christ was pierced. On this occasion, you will have to help a young historian, Sarah Levi, who has spent years researching and studying religious relics such as the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant.

This Urban Escape Room will take you to discover some of the most beautiful and hidden corners of Leeds with which you will have to interact to discover the whereabouts of the Spear.

Are you ready for the adventure?

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“The Tomb of Alexander the Great” now available in Leeds

Sarah Levy, the famed professor who has already recovered other great historical relics, has uncovered a clue that could prove the whereabouts of the lost tomb of Alexander the Great.

In the 4th century AD, when Christianity triumphed over paganism in Alexandria, the conqueror’s remains and the whereabouts of “The Soma” disappeared without a reliable trace.

With the help of Bosco, your most faithful collaborator in the Escape City Box missions, you must help Sarah recover Alexander’s body.

A new adventure awaits you, are you going to miss it?

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Catch “The Killer of the Mask” and discover the secrets of Leeds

Catch the Killer of the Mask on the streets of Leeds before he kills again. The police have spent days on the trail of a bloodthirsty serial killer who is terrorizing the city.

An escape room through the streets of Leeds in which your detective skills will be put to the test

Do you dare to unmask the killer and reveal his identity?

Leeds: The Killer of the Mask stalks the city

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The Killer of the Mask is the game that we have prepared at Escape City Box so that you can get to know Leeds in a completely new way. This is a “cluedo” type game in which you will have to capture a serial killer psychopath following the trail of his bloodthirsty crimes and collecting the clues he leaves behind.

The common thread of the plot has as its protagonist the Killer of the Mask, a criminal eager for prominence who wants to attract the attention of the media and social networks, leaving the corpses of his unsuspecting victims with a mask on them in the most visited and crowded places of this wonderful city. He has already managed to escape from other cities after committing his misdeeds. The police go after him but he always manages to slip away and turn up again in another city. Now is your chance to capture him in Leeds.

You will find mysteries that you will have to face during this challenge but your curiosity about the environment will not be something that you have to discover by yourself, since within the game you will have information about the buildings and emblematic places that surround you.

Do you want to know more about the most wanted criminal? Do not miss the following video:

Discover the whereabouts of The Spear of Destiny by investigating the streets of Leeds

Urban escape rooms are a variant of Escape Rooms that are played indoors with a Gymkhana component. Escape City Box has created the first Urban Escape Room that plays as if it were a first-person movie where you are the protagonists of the plot.

To be able to carry out the activity you will have the physical material that is included inside the box in envelopes and with the Escape City Box mobile app that you will have to download from the Apple Store or Google Play. Through the application, the game will guide you through the streets of Leeds through maps, videos, pictures, etc. You will have to overcome a series of challenges that will be presented to you in order to discover where The Spear of Destiny is hidden. The game lasts approximately 2 hours and is suitable for all audiences

Throughout the game, you will not have to enter any enclosure or closed premises, everything takes place through the streets of the center of Leeds at not very long distances that can certainly be done on foot without any inconvenience.

Want to find out more about the Spear of Destiny? So, don’t miss the following video.

How to play ESCAPE CITY BOX LEEDS Edition?

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